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Baby Ballet Classes 

A class for children aged 2-3.5 years which enables them to build fundamental dance skills such as musicality, coordination and self-confidence by learning through fun in a parent supported learning environment.

  • Can I stay with my child during the class?
Parents are required to stay with their child during the class. 

  • What should my child wear to his/her first class?

Parents are advised to dress their child in appropriate clothing that ensures ease of movement, and will enable the child to achieve maximum benefit from the course. Recommended is leggings and top or equivalent.

  • Does my child require a uniform?

Yes, children are required to be in full regulation uniform no later than their fifth lesson. Please refer to the guidance on the 'Uniform Regulations' tab, as no other uniform will be accepted. Showing respect for our art in conduct as a dress code helps foster the required discipline it takes to learn a classical art.

  • Do you offer a trial lesson?

If there is availability, the cost is £6 for one lesson. If you wish to secure a permanent place in the school, it is recommended you enrol as a regular member, as trial lessons are subject to availability.

  • Do you offer a family discount?

Discount rate for 2017/2018 is as follows:

  • Please take 5% off total family bill for siblings attending one class weekly
  • Please take 10% off total family bill for siblings attending more than one class per week or for individual students who attend more than one class weekly

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