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Health & Safety Rules

· Judith Keyes School of Ballet accepts no responsibility for any incidents that happen outside the dance studio.

· Parents must take responsibility for child’s safety, behaviour and well-being before and after their class.

. Children and students are the responsibility of Judith Keyes School of Ballet teachers when in the studio, during class time only. 

. The studio is not a play area, and children should not run around it or play on the barre.

· All breakages/damage due to behaviour out of line with school policy must be paid for.

· Please do not enter the dance studio until a teacher invites your child's class in.

Water bottles can be brought into class, for any students in ‘Preparatory Ballet’ or above- no water bottles are permitted in 'Baby Ballet' or 'Debutant Ballet'. Only pull-up tops are permitted, as screw tops are liable to spill.

Drinking breaks are at the discretion of the teacher. No juice is permitted, water only please.

Food or chewing gum is not permitted in the studio.

. Parents are invited to observe their child’s class at an arranged time only- the exception to this rule is 'Baby Ballet' where parents must observe their child's class weekly.

. No toys must be brought into the ballet class. 

. 'Hands-on Teaching' is an important and necessary part of dance training.

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