Absence of Manager

.On the occasion that the scheme co-ordinator (Judith Keyes) is not on duty (in rare event of sickness etc) a Team Leader will act up into the co-ordinator role and this will be confirmed at the team briefing in the morning of any absence.

Admission Policy

.Any child enrolled on the scheme will have completed the application form and all such details will be stored centrally on the Summer Scheme database. 

.Only children enrolled will be allowed to be involved in the scheme.

.Children who enrol on the scheme will have had access to the activity programme and the range of activities included before the start of the scheme (week beginning Monday 24th June 2019). 

.Children will be dropped off by parents and signed in for the day by a member of staff from their age group.

.Children will meet other children from within their age group in the Main Hall who will be accompanied by staff, along with children across all other age groups.

.Parents can accompany their child into the hall if they wish.

.All children will congregate in the main hall in their age groups until activities commence. Staff will be with the children in their respective age groups to introduce themselves and help everyone settle in.

.At the start of each week, Ice breaker games will be organised and children will wear sticker name badges to get to know each other and the staff alike.

.Children will be accompanied by staff at all times, both during activities and break periods to ensure that everyone is joining in and enjoying their time at the scheme.

.Staff must be aware by way of honest completion of the Digital registration form of any special requirements for individual children in their group.

Parental Involvement

Parents will have had access to a copy of the full activity programme from week beginning Monday 24th June 2019.

Child Protection Guidelines will be strictly adhered to at all times.

Behaviour Management

.At the beginning of each week, staff will bring the group together to inform them of rules of the scheme.

.Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported to Activity Leaders who will liaise with Miss Judith. 

.If necessary, parents/guardians will be informed of such behaviour during the day or when children are being collected at the end of the day.

.If circumstances dictate, all summer scheme participants will be assembled after morning drop off or before afternoon pick up to address a situation/issue which has been brought to the attention of a member of Summer Scheme and/or centre staff.

.The implementation of all behaviour management strategies must adhere to the code of conduct for staff with measures in place that are appropriate for the particular age group. Warnings, explanation of what is not appropriate behaviour should be explained to the children and if required children may be asked to sit out of activity and time out.. If a staff member is unsure and having difficulty managing behaviour then they should consult with other member of their team or the summer scheme co-ordinator. On no occasion particularly during time out should a child be isolated or made to feel humiliated.

.Positive reinforcement should always be used by staff and coaches with good practice in delivery of sports session and activities as per the NSPCC and NGB sport guidelines will be implemented during all sessions.


.All accidents will be recorded on Judith Keyes School of Ballet Accident report forms. Forms must be completed at the time form the incident by Activity/Team Leader whom it was reported to.

.Parents/Guardians will be informed of the incident when collecting the child and asked to sign the form to confirm they have been made aware of the same.

.Team Leaders will be responsible for passing on signed and completed forms at the end of the day to the Co-ordinator. 


.Staff will be made aware of circumstances/special requirements of the children they are working with which will affect how they address situations.

.All personal details will be stored on Summer Activity Scheme with limited access.

.In the event of a child protection concern the confidential policy will be overridden

Sickness Policy

.All staff have been made aware of basic first aid during training.

.If children feel unwell, they will sit out of activities for a time.  The Scheme Co-ordinator will be notified and situation closely monitored. If they still feel unwell, parent/guardian will be contacted.

.The scheme has in place a policy on infection prevention and control and it is advised that children who are unwell do not attend the scheme to reduce the spread of infection.

.A list of qualified first aiders is available at summer scheme. First Aid qualified staff (including scheme co-ordinator) are available.



Each session is planned and delivered according to the age group and ability level of children. Free play takes place as scheme participants assemble in the main hall in the mornings and free play/playground style activities also take place during lunch break. Children are supervised to ensure safety at these times but activities are not programmed by staff.

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy and Procedures

. Judith Keyes School of Ballet Child Protection Policy will be adopted.

. All staff (paid and voluntary) have completed Access NI before commencing work on the scheme. Staff will have been informed of the school's  Child Protection Policy.

. Children will be accompanied by staff at all times

. Staff, volunteers and Junior Leaders have a responsibility to ensure that they are never left on their own with a child.

. Any child protection concerns must be reported to Miss Judith

Mobile Telephone Policy

Mobile telephones belonging to staff members must not be used to take any photographs/videos/ sound recordings of any of the children or staff registered with the scheme. An exception to this is the school mobile phone which may be used to take promotional pictures where permission is given.

Summer Scheme.

Each summer scheme site will be issued with a standard mobile telephone which can be used by staff. This mobile can be used in an emergency, or in case of accident or illness. This mobile can be used to contact parents. 

Food & Drink Policy

Children are encouraged to bring water, healthy break and lunch to the scheme each day. Consumption of energy drinks such as boost and powerade is not allowed and staff will monitor this on a daily basis.

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