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Uniform Regulations

Discipline is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a truly fine dancer. While we are working on the strength and technique needed to accomplish this goal, we can start by being disciplined in dress, which is why we have a uniform. As a conservatory level school of dance, our dress code is an important part of our curriculum. Showing respect for our art in conduct as a dress code helps foster the required discipline it takes to learn a classical art. To assist you in preparing your dancer properly for classes, the following are specifics on our dress code:

Play tutus/tutus are not to be worn. Only Judith Keyes School of Dance accepted leotards are to be worn.

. Salmon coloured seamless ballet tights or salmon pink ballet socks, purchased from a reputable dance retailer. Please ensure that tights remain hole free.

.  It is of utmost importance that your child wears the correct footwear, especially at this stage in their physiological development. Elastics must be sewn on ballet pumps. The elastics are paramount for safety- in an attempt to keep the shoes from falling off, the dancer will unconsciously grip the ligaments of the foot, which can lead to strain and possible injury.

. Pumps purchased any high street retailer  or other non-dance retailers are unsuitable and therefore not acceptable as they are for play not dance.

Your child will not be permitted to dance in these shoes and will be requested to sit out and observe the class until suitable footwear is worn.


Must always be neat and tidy.

Girls:- Hair should be worn in a bun:

· Pull hair into a tight ponytail

· Secure with an elastic hair band

· Brush/comb loose hair (including fringe) back with hairspray/gel

· Twist ponytail around into a bun ensuring this stays tight and flat

· Place a hair net over the bun and secure with hairpins

· No hair bands (except for very short hair) or other hair decoration

.  Dancers are permitted to wear a simple pair of stud earrings. Dangling earrings and hoops are strictly forbidden due to safety regulations.

. No rings, bracelets or necklaces are permitted.

. Vests are not permitted to be worn under leotards. If applicable, female dancers should wear appropriate undergarment support under the leotard making sure that straps do not show

. Girls: Regular underpants are not allowed under tights and leotards beyond Primary Level. Tights are dancers’ underpants and it is beneficial for all dancers to become familiar with this aspect of a dancers’ education as early as possible.

. Out of respect to all, personal hygiene (clean body and clothing) must be observed.

. Failure to comply with the uniform code may result in termination of your child's place.